If you have questions about whether or not display advertising would be an effective way to reach your marketing or promotional goals we would be happy to help you . Display advertising can be images, text or even video/rich media that is placed on specific pages on the Internet.

Display Advertising can be targeted by website, geography, user interest, browsing history or age/gender demographics. In addition they can be targeted to people who have already visited your website via Remarketing Ads.

You can think of display ads as being somewhat akin to traditional advertising in newspapers or magazines. The difference is that, unlike traditional ads, you do not have to pay for the whole audience of the publication/website. You can target your ads to just the segment of the readers of a site who meet your targeting criteria (something that traditional media could never do).

There has been a lot of debate about the value of display advertising because of things like traditionally low click through rates but in fact we have found display advertising to be quite effective for certain purposes.

Branding: If you have a visually arresting image display advertising can be very effective. We all know how much social networks love images and visitors to site on the larger web are no different. The same is true for a video. We have had success promoting new music or film through click to play video ads on the display network.

One recent example of such an opportunity to use video in conjunction with display advertising is by placing your ad on the “viral video sites” (content farms) on the Google Network. These sites exist to drive huge amounts of traffic from social networks like Facebook to the ads on their sites which usually feature content like YouTube viral videos. Here is an article that we did on this strategy.

Brand Association: This is a type of display targeting that is not really discussed that much but another that we have found to be very effective. The idea is to enhance the perceived value of your brand or product by using display advertising to put your product on sites that have a strong enough brand to potentially benefit your product just by association (having your ad on the site).

Some examples of this would be to put your music video on the billboard.com or rollingstone.com websites. Perhaps having an ad for your documentary film in the entertainment section of The New York Times would be useful? These sites are real destinations (among millions of others) that actually exist as bona fide targets on the Google Display Network. Here is an article that we wrote on this subject.

Remarketing: The final method of display advertising for you to consider is a way to reach out to people who have already visited your website but left without converting (taking the desired action on your site). This form of display advertising is targeted only to people who have visited your site. Ads are shown to them on the display network for an amount of time that you specify and at a daily frequency that you specify. The idea is to get these people to come back to your site and to keep your brand in their mind.

Please have a look at the powerpoint presentation below. Feel free to download it and share it with your coworkers as you plan your marketing strategy and then, when you are ready, give us a call and we will be happy to help you with implementing your marketing strategy (570) 541-6812.

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