Why Local Directory Listings?


Advertising online for local businesses can be a challenge. There are only so many hours in a day and chances are, running your business occupies most of them. The world is changing around you every day though and you need to have a presence on the web and you need to optimize that presence. We can make that happen! 


[icon name=”asterisk” class=””] In 2014 47% of small businesses in the US did not have a website! Cost of a site was the biggest reason given.


What if you could advertise a local business online for free?

2013 was the first year that more people used mobile devices like smart phones to access the web than PCs. That means they are searching for products and services like those you offer while they are on the go. This is why it is so important that they can find YOU and if you don’t appear in the search results they won’t.

All of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) offer free local directory listings for businesses. These listings are a great place to start building your web presence. They allow you to put your best foot forward by including your store hours, photos, menus, product descriptions, specials and coupons and even directions to your location. These listings can work for you even if you do not have a website! Plus they are designed to automatically display properly on both computers and mobile devices.

In addition to these search engine owned listings there are countless others and we have selected the best of them on which to list your business. Local directory listings allow your business to show up to consumers at the exact moment they they are out in the marketplace looking for your product or service!

The video to the right is meant to illustrate the power of Google local ads but the concept just as easily applies to local directory listings (without the ongoing cost). Local Directory Listings are the most effective way for budget conscious businesses to get on the web.


Our Basic Local Directory Listings Package

Price: $150 (One Time Fee)

Every local business should have local directory listings and this package is designed for all businesses with a special eye toward helping businesses with limited budgets establish themselves on the web. It includes creating your listing on Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Small Business Listings and Foursquare For Business.

The listings include photos (you provide photos), a description of your business, a list of products or menu, hours of operation and more. The listings are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) in order to help your listing get a better position within the often crowded search results page. We also submit your website to the major search engines to make sure you are included in their directories. This helps with achieving a better position for your business in search results too.

local business advertising listings

In the image to the right you see a properly optimized free listing on Google Places. The listing is on the first page of results for the applicable search query. The fact that the free listing has been claimed by the business (ours) means that the call out appears on the map when someone clicks on the title in the search results. This is what you need for your business to stand out.

advertising local business listings mobile device

In the image to the left you see how a properly optimized local business listing appears on a mobile device. On April 2st 2015 Google will begin giving more weight to websites whose pages are mobile friendly. Local listings as already classified as mobile friendly in search results.

Requirements: A verifiable physical address for the business (no PO Boxes) and a business name and (verifiable) phone number



Our Premiere Local Directory Listings Package

Price: $350 + $100 yearly

This package includes all of the basic package plus ongoing editability for your listings and listings on many more directories including the “Big $” directory database services and Apple Maps. Some businesses find it worthwhile to be able to edit off of their business listings from one location. Our Premiere Package gives you this ability. Some examples of why this could be useful is if you want to change elements of the listing on a regular basis like add or remove specials and coupons or photos or list events.


Our Local Directory Listing Packages = Value


There are many services out there at the moment and most charge significantly more. We believe that we have put together the best list of Local Business Directories for our clients and that we offer the best combination of low price and maximum effect.



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If you are still unsure about how much impact on your business can be had by creating or claiming your local directory listings here is some info from a study done by Oxford that Google commissioned:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

*Percentage of businesses without a website statistic taken from this page.