Content Management is now the most important aspect of building and maintaining an effective presence on the web. This is especially true after the recent changes to the Google Search Algorithm. Their goal is to provide the best quality content possible in answer to every search made. As a business owner or other producer of content (audio, video) it is your job to produce that top quality content. Content that is relevant, informative, and even entertaining.

content manager duties infographic

Content Manager: This infographic depicts the many tasks involved when publishing content under the new SEO content focused rules.

According to Wikipedia; “Many organizations and individuals tend to confuse content strategists with editors. Yet, content strategy is ‘about more than just the written word,” according to Washington State University assistant professor Brett Atwood. For example, Atwood indicates that a practitioner needs to also “consider how content might be re-distributed and/or re-purposed in other channels of delivery.'”

“Further, content strategists should strive to achieve content that is readable and understandable, findable, actionable and shareable in all of its various forms.”

“The purpose of content strategy has also been described as achieving business goals by maximizing the impact of content.”Wikipedia

Every business now needs to employ an experienced writer and web promotion expert to do Content Management. Of course that is not realistic for most small businesses but there are not many alternatives. However the benefits of having quality content and distributing it through all of the channels that will serve to maximize its organic (free) reach are obvious.

It is our goal to fill that gap by serving as your company’s Content Manager on a contract or per item basis.  Following is a brief description of each service offered.

Content Management Services

  • Plan Content Strategy And Topics: We will work with you to develop a plan that fits you. Maybe you want written content illustrated with photos and videos. Maybe you want to promote your video content. We will work to accomplish your goals. We will do research on the web for related content and develop a distribution strategy that is competitive.
  • Create, Edit And Optimize Content: Our founder Michael Johnston has 20+ years experience as a writer and we can bring that experience to your content. Whether you want us to build articles from scratch or just put some polish on content written by you we will be happy to assist. We will also do on page SEO optimization to your content or it’s landing page (as on YouTube).
  • Distribute Your Content: After your content is uploaded we will distribute it to any number of destinations. these include; RSS feed directories, blog directories, social networks, news sites and press release sites.
  • Manage Your Existing Content: We will keep track of the number of times someone reads or watches your content and find the links of the sites that link back to it. We will monitor your social networks, interact with your followers and monitor the number of times that your content is shared or liked on social networks.

The net effect of our services will be to make your content stand out and be more easily discovered by your intended audience. It will be of good quality and conform to the new SEO rules of 2014 and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We will be happy to work up a proposal for you. Our prices are reasonable and our services remarkable.