Business marketing has changed dramatically since the birth of the Internet. Even now it continues to evolve as new technologies come to bear. Social networking has become an integral part of the customer acquisition and retention process. We can help you maximize the effectiveness of these tools from the beginning of the process right through to the sale and ongoing customer relationship.

Business To Business Marketing Step One

Build Awareness

In the global marketplace the customer has more choices when selecting a supplier of both products and services. The first step in business to business marketing  is to create awareness of your brand. We can do this by putting your brand in front of your ideal customer based on various key demographic components. When they search for a product or services we make sure they discover you.

Video Targeting: We target your video message to business audiences on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and content related websites. We business to business marketing funnelcan target your ideal audience by (depending on the site); business type, company size, geographic area, job function, income and seniority.

Business Demographics: We can reach specific online audiences using targeted display ads based on the same targeting as above.

Company Targeting: We can target display ads to a defined list of companies. Build awareness with decision makers in the companies that matter most to you.

Business To Business Marketing Step Two

Increase Engagement

In stage two of the business marketing process your intended customers have been made aware of you in step one and expressed interest by responding to one of your ads. In this step we will begin to create a relationship with your prospects by connecting you with them on social networks.

Business Targeting: Use remarketing tools to keep your brand in front of those who have expressed initial interest by clicking on one of your ads in step one.

Facebook Targeting: We can use your audience and remarketing data to initiate contact with individual decision makers via promoted posts or sidebar ads.

Linkedin Targeting: Put your brand and offers in front of key decision makers and industry influencers on Linkedin. We can connect you with them while they are networking and precisely target individuals of interest.

business to business connectionsBusiness To Business Marketing Step Three


Your prospects became aware of you in step one, learned more in step two and now they are ready to make a decision. That might be a purchase decision or just the decision to become a fan of what you are doing and further evangelize your company.

Email Sync Synchronize your ads with your email newsletter. Your existing customers will be targeted with relevant display and video ads. this will keep them aware of your brand and introduce new product or service ideas.

CRM Retargeting Client Relationship management can be augmented and extended with the strategic targeting of display and video ads to your clients on various social networks including twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and soon, Google+.

Website Remarketing: Target prospects after they make their initial visits to your website on the web and on social networks. Keep the knowledge they gained from the content on your site fresh in their minds.

We can assist you in all stages of the marketing funnel. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and goals. We will put together a plan custom tailored to your goals and your budget.