TheServices that we offer are designed to meet the needs of our varied client base. We specialize in entertainment oriented projects involving the promotion of music videos or film trailers as well as business such as a manufacturers or retailers. We are a Google Partner agency and we want to be your Digital Marketing Director!

Call or email us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to analyze your existing assets and develop a plan that will enable you to achieve your goals 570-541-6812

Experience has taught us that each business is unique and as a result their marketing plan on the web has to be custom designed for their specific needs. We take a whole range of factors in consideration when creating a strategy for your business. These factors include; your geographic location and competition within that area, your ideal customer demographic, your product or service, your existing online assets, your goals for your business and many more.

Our services are based on an in-depth understanding of the marketing goals of our clients


Web Design Services

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Google’s search algorithm considers hundreds of different points when determining what results to show for each query made. We design your site so that it conforms to Google best practices “right out of the box”. Very few other web designers do this and as a result businesses have to hire 3rd party specialists to repair what was never done.

We have been building high performing websites for over 20 years and our experience puts you ahead of the competition.

All of our websites are responsive to fit the wide variety of screen sizes used by consumers today and are designated “mobile friendly” in Google search results on smartphones.

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The major search engines; Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex have all agreed to use the system of meta tag markup (Structured Data) designed by Utilizing Structured Data markup makes it easier for search engines to understand what your web pages are about so they can display the best results to each query.

We build markup into each page of your website. In addition we make sure that it is incorporated into each piece of content that you upload in the future.

Once again, few other web designers do this. As a result it is one more advantage to your Street Punk Productions designed website.

On site SEO is one of the most important aspects of designing a business website and one of the most neglected. Anyone can design a “pretty” site but pretty does not bring traffic or drive sales.

Search Engine Optimization is always changing as the expectations of the search engines change. We stay on top of these changes and make sure that every site we build conforms to Google best practices.

We optimize each and every page as the site is built and include tools to ensure that every new page or other piece of content can be equally optimized in the future as it is uploaded.


Websites today have to evolve with the Internet. Everything about the web is changing more rapidly than ever and this is why we strongly encourage our clients to retain us to manage their entire web presence on a continuing basis. We offer plans that range from simple updates and enhancements to the website as they become available to full fledged management and optimization of their entire web presence. We have a plan that is right for your business!



 Advertising Services


We help you navigate through all of the complexity of setting up and managing a successful campaign on many online advertising services.

For more information on our pricing structure please call (570) 541-6812 or go to our Pricing page. If you have questions or would like to get started with advertising your business on any or all of our available platforms please contact us today for a free consultation!

For more information on selecting and working with an Adwords Partner please see Google’s “Advertiser Guide: working with third parties“.


Content Creation And Distribution Strategy

Local businesses need to realize the importance of content to their business on the web. It would be great if every site owner could employ a full time, professional writer to provide content to their site. Of course that is not realistic for most small businesses but there are not many alternatives. However the benefits of having quality content on your website is that important though.

It is our goal to serve as your company’s Content Manager on a contract or per item basis.  Following is a brief description of each service offered.

  • Plan Content Strategy And Topics
  • Create, Edit And Optimize Content
  • Distribute Your Content
  • Manage Your Existing Content

Social Networking Services


Our social networking services help you to connect with your clients and potential customers via the many social networks that exist today. We can create and maintain social network profiles for your business as part of your overall online marketing strategy. We find and engage people who belong to your market demographic in order to drive sales and engagement with your brand. We also run advertising campaigns tailored to social networks both on Google Adwords and on social network specific advertising platforms.



  If you are an artist or business that has decided to go the DIY route with your promotional effort we can assist you with advice and tips when needed for an hourly or monthly fee. For businesses, we will be your Digital Marketing Director and unlike the constant cost of a full time employee you only pay us for the services you actually need when you need them.