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Promote Your Video For Free! — 2 Comments

    • Hi Ahmed,

      I’d be happy to help you with that. The deal from Google is that you have to open a new Adwords account, link it with my client center account from Google and spend $25 on ads. Then I can give you a code for $100 from google to continue the campaign. So you get repaid your initial $25 and get an additional $75 free and clear. It is a nice way to test it out. The $100 code has to be applied within 14 days of opening the adwords account.

      Email me at or call me and we can talk about various options depending on the strategy you want to pursue. Just in case you don’t see this reply I will email you as well. I’m watching “Messed Up” by Land Lord now. Cool song, I like the piano in the beginning, it’s different. I’ll share it around a little 🙂

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