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Google Helpouts – DIY Youtube Promotion And Adwords Assistance — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks +Michael Johnston for this straight-from-the-heart video. As an independent entertainer, I quickly learned that I needed to update my YouTube channel with a new name from MICHEL BONIN (a “digitally unknown” unlike a “less digitally unknown name” like MICHAEL BUBLE…) to this one which reflects the contents of my personal public music videos and website as a musician: PIANO REFLECTIONS – STANDARDS & JAZZ CLASSICS – MUSIQUE D’AMBIANCE
    Also here is my tentative new description:
    “Watch video clips of Michel Bonin’s live concerts recorded live in Vancouver. With his own inspirational style often mixed with stride piano popular back in the early 20th century, he performs legendary tunes with solos of the Great American Songbook standards, jazz classics, musique d’ambiance, French chanson, easy listening and more.”
    My concern though is this new name and description may be too long to tickle the fancy of those potential fans out there and the crawling Goooogle(s) of this world. Am I right?

    • Rememberyou only have 70 characters (including spaces) for the title. Actually less because YouTube puts – Youtube as part of the displayed title in web results. So you have 60 characters to work with (including spaces) if you want your whole title to display. If you go with this, slightly shortened title you will make it: PIANO REFLECTIONS – STANDARDS & JAZZ – MUSIQUE D’AMBIANCE

  2. Wait a minute! I would have to change my Google+ name first to have a new name on my YouTube channel? Well, I am a digital marketer in my day job so how can I call myself “Piano Reflections – Standards & Jazz Classics – Musique d”ambiance” without creating confusion as to who I am supposed to be? That long name I use for my Google Place Listing Map (whatever it is called now…)

    • I actually have 2 google+ profiles connected to my youtube channel. The one is also the creator of my business G+ page and the other is a manager on my G+ business page so that can work. I did it to try to gauge the possibility of getting Google Authorship to work with my YouTube channel.

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