We develop 360 degree panorama images and virtual tours for realtors and contractors/builders to present their properties vividly in virtual tours.



To make a virtual tour for a real estate property, we shoot multiple digital images of the property and then use photo stitching software to create a spherical panoramic image. We can also publish a single panorama. For creating virtual tours with multiple panoramas and 2D floorplans/maps, Cupix is our choice. Cupix can link multiple panoramas, maps/floorplans together in an interactive vritual tour with customized tour skin, hotspots, radars and links.

We are aware of the high priced virtual tour companies out there who demand exclusive contracts from clients and have determined to provide a reasonably priced, high quality alternative for businesses who want the visibility and immersive interactivity of 360 degree image or virtual tours. We work on a job by job basis with no long term contract.

We have a variety of camera equipment to use that allows us a range of choices in quality and ease of use which lets us offer several tiers of pricing in order to have an option for every budget.

To the right you see the most basic tour we offer. The images in the tour were taken with a Ricoh Theta S. This is a camera with 2 180 degree lenses. It does a good job as you can see but does have its limitations. The virtual tour seen here is hosted without any ongoing charge. unlike the traditional 360 degree tours this is more like a photo gallery with a carousel of all the included images at the bottom. The viewer goes from room to room by clicking on the photos.

It is like traditional 360 degree tours in that I can add clickable points of interest in the images to highlight important features on the property. I can also add your company logo, hot spots and popups which an feature more text, images and even videos where appropriate. Tours can be embedded on your website and shared to social media too!

Starting at $10 an image.



Our next level of image technology allows us to create 720 degree VR images at 8K resolution and 32 MP. This is a significant increase in overall image quality from the Ricoh Theta S in our previous example. I am using the same tour platform as in the first example but the individual images are of higher quality.

These images can be used in this type of hosted platform and/or they can be uploaded to the businesses profile on Google My Business. This is relevant to hotels, bed and breakfasts and most other types of business but not for Real Estate companies looking to sell real estate as the home for sale is not a business location.



Fully Immersive 3D Tours


Google Street View tours by Trusted Photographers gave business owners a new and amazing way to show of their business. For other businesses which could not use Google Street View there are many alternatives to create similar tours. Often these other providers give many more features to users than even Google does.

Because the locations and orientations of our camera are tracked and aligned, viewers can experience the virtual walk-through using the Web Player. Plus, we can naturally overlay 3D virtual objects on the 3D model of the scene for the purpose of furniture planning or information annotations. And, we can allow viewers to measure actual dimensions.

The virtual tour platform that we use offers the following options;

  • A 3D full color “dollhouse” representation of the property
  • Add features to the tour;
  1. Push Pins
  2. Box
  3. Picture Frame
  4. 3D Text
  5. Note
  6. Dimensions
  • No limit on the size of the space
  • Outdoor areas with moving objects are no problem
  • We can merge a floor plan image into the experience and make it interactive with the tour.




The building in this tour is an historical, 8 sided schoolhouse. Here is more info on the building.

Another option for certain real estate applications may be to use a Google Maps/Google My Business type tour. These tours are hosted by google. The necessary thing to qualify is that they have to be a permanent business location like a senior living facility. If you are promoting housing developments then an office must be present at the development where you can receive mail. Model homes used by developers or builders also qualify for this type of tour.

One of the big advantages to this kind of 360 degree tour is that it shows up well in Google search right along with your Google My Business listing. It can be a great way to get potential customers to stop and take a look at what you have to offer as they surf the web looking for information. These tours also have the versatility to be embedded on your website and to be shared to social networks too.

If you enter the tour above you can explore the house on three levels, basement, first floor and second floor as well as an outdoor walk around of the front part of the house and the front door. I think that this type of tour is a great option for some kinds of real estate oriented businesses. Give us a call and we will be happy to come and make up a quote for you.



Display A 360 Degree Tour VIDEO of Your Property!